Midphase Website

Partial Design / Development

Midphase is a web hosting child brand of the company UK2 Group. As a front end developer at UK2 Group I developed this website to have a similar look and feel to sister brand UK2.net. I did participate in the design process on certain areas such as the testimonial carousel seen at the bottom of each page and the semi-transparent grid overlay that is seen throughout the site on the hero overlay and tabs.

I was later able to optimize this site for faster load times. The total home page size was 1.5MB, had over 70 HTTP requests, and delayed over 5s to load. After the optimization, the home page size is under 700K, down 30 HTTP requests, and under 3s loading. The optimization included minimizing assets, optimizing images, concatenating js and CSS, adding icons to sprites, and defering the parsing of all js.