Keeping up with the latest front end technologies

front-end-technologiesSomeone asked me a few days ago, “How do you keep up with the latest front end technologies?” How would you answer the question for yourself? I’ll talk about some things I’ve done and mention an awesome website to get you started!

Some techniques are better for you than for others, so you should come up with a tailored solution that fits your learning tendencies. Here are a few things that I have done that work for me:

Read Job Posting Descriptions
Most job postings will have a list with multiple technologies they are looking to use. If you read a spec you don’t recognize or have not worked with, set a goal to familiarize yourself. By understanding what the industry needs you’ll be able to focus on specifics that will make you marketable.

Dev Projects
Get off the couch and turn off Netflix in the evening! Take on projects at work and at home that require tools and emerging technologies to solve specific problems. When you run into an issue, search for solutions, learn processes by reading, and implement them!

Set goals in intervals that will motivate you to learn and give you a mark to reach. If you hear about an emerging technology, set a goal to learn it within ‘X’ months. Part of learning something new may be setting a goal to read a book (e-book) on the subject.

Ask Questions & Collaborate
If you have co-workers or friends in the industry, take the opportunity to ask them questions! There is nothing more valuable than sitting down and discussing technologies with experienced developers in person.

Enough about what works for me–if you are wanting some quick inspiration or a starting point on how to keep yourself “in the know”, check out the Front End Rescue website. In brief, Front End Rescue lists four steps to help keep you up to date:

  1. Follow cool people
  2. Find the best sources
  3. Attend conferences
  4. Get your own sources

Each step lists multiple options to follow or subscribe, and from there you’ll be able to expand your pool as you explore. Get yourself a twitter account and start following!